Reading Dreams

The urgent yelping of hungry hunting dogs woke us today; a rude awakening but Dyon was there to soften the blow with hot coffee, bread and cheese!!! We drowned our taste buds on these rare delights, then eagerly set off to meet Tamenta.

Coming from a 'rational' world of clean-cut lines and the man-made domination of concrete and cars, we have been keen to experience the mystical world of the Piai ever since our adventures began. Having asked Tamenta yesterday if he would share his dreams with us he explained in his inimitable Indian way, full of gentle expression and changing tones, that last night's vision was simply that the batteries on our computer would run out before we came to see him.... Not quite what we had expected (ironic though since it as been a constant battle to keep them charged), but who knows what omens lie hidden deep in those words. Maybe he's seen the future of the high-tech world that we are in the grips of. We sat in silence briefly pondering his words, hoping that he would go further and unleash his ancient, almost forgotten talents. Then suddenly he shook off the veil of old age, his eyes widened and he pointed to each of us in turn saying "What did you dream? I dream like you ... that's where the power of the Piai begins". He continued by reiterating yesterday's words, that although the knowledge is still there he is an old man now and prays to a new God. I suppose that we were naive to think that this frail old man could easily reach into a different realm at will, but luckily we could share a little of our magic by passing on a message from an old friend, (See Eithne's message's on this discussion board (In Depth Knowledge) -- His reply begins today’s video feed).

In the shadow of the huge conical meeting house we thanked the captain for his hospitality, he then thanked us for drawing attention to this area. It seems a shame that so many of the communities that we have visited are pinning their future hopes on the power of the tourist dollar. Yet of all the threats, seasonal visitors under the sensitive and respectful guidance of people like Dyon, should have far less impact than the irreparable damage of uncontrolled mining.

After more than a week's break from the water we gladly rejoined the arteries of the interior today; the Tapanahoni River, a milestone in our journey as for the first time we are heading downstream. Settling into the boat with a modest 8hp engine purring at the back it took just minutes to relax into the meditative calm of the river. Stopping briefly to fish for angry Piranha and marvel at the pinpoint accuracy of our Indian guides as they shot unsuspecting Iguana with bow and arrow, we motored on to Palumeu on the fringes of Trio country. Its dark... the crickets are calling and the mosquitoes are munching ... time for a hammock......


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Pin-point accuracy

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