Basic Outlines Of Alternative Missions

In the same way as the 'Suriname Mission' offers multiple opportunities i.e. The Witch Doctor's school, the team of biochemist etc, each country or location mentioned in the following list offers equal, if not more, opportunity to focus on similar groups, organisations and people. The rare and noble people, dotted around the globe, who, against all odds have devoted their lives to fighting for what they see to be right. Each worthy cause or project could be covered, highlighted and helped.

Tell us which one you think is best.

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The Alfuro

Location:, Indonesia, South East Asia.

Until recently access to the 'Moulaccas' or 'Spice Islands', located between Borneo and Papua New Guinea, was heavily restricted by the government of Indonesia. This small group of lush, mountainous, volcanic islands is home to a number of the world's last tribal groups. Hidden deep in the mountainous interior of 'Ceram Island' an ancient tribe of head-hunters called the 'Alfuro' still live.. They face certain extinction as logging companies decimate their land. If nothing is done to draw attention to their struggle, within the next couple of years their land will be gone and they will disappear…. forever.



Location:, Indonesia, South East Asia.

On an Island just North of 'Ceram' called 'Halmahera' We go in search of the 'Kasian' (Shaman) of the 'Togutil' tribe. Like their neighbours they too face certain extinction, unless help is supplied immediately. The Tugitil Shaman are said to hold astounding magical powers; to be able to harness the forces of nature, manifesting objects, images from the spirit world and more.



Location: Island of Luzon, Northern Philippines

In Northern most region of the Island of Luzon we search for the Agta's. This diminishing group of hunter gathers hide in the jungle covered mountains along the coastline. Protected for millennia by the natural barriers of a coral reef and hostile mountains they are amongst the only tribal group today who can be found roaming virgin beaches. Considered by many anthropologist to be amongst the most adept hunters in the tribal world. The Agta's resemble the pygmies of Africa, their exact origin is still a unknown.



Location: The 'Owen' range, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia.

In an extremely remote area of this island we attempt to locate a tribe called the Toulambi - a group who until December 6th 1997 had had no contact with the outside world. A tribe described by anthropologist as being 'direct from the stone age'… As far as we know there are only twenty in their group. These remaining Toulambi are dying of Maleria…a disease modern medicine can treat. Hence this mission is to supply urgently required Quinine.

Dropped off by helicopter in the village of 'Wea Wea' in the Northern reaches of the 'Owen Mountain Range' we locate head man 'Wawe', (the first person to encounter the Toulambis). With Wawe as our guide we trek for four days through the jungle in search of them. P.N.G. still has multiple groups of active head-hunter tribes, it is through their land that we pass.



Location; Madagascar, South Eastern Coast of Africa.

The Mikea live by a code ‘to survive, we must hide!’ Today there are only one hundred and three ' Mikea’ living in hiding in what remains of a once endless forest called 'The Tulear'.

Pitted against the developing world and the elements the Mikea are unique in they have adapted to life in a land without water...they never drink! Surviving by foraging the forest for succulent roots, rodents, porcupines and wild honey. They reject the ways of modern man, recoiling further into the forest as development approaches. Time for these people is running out. Many of their tribe have already been "civilised" (so to speak) by missionaries from the 'New Tribes Organisation' They are a fascinating group of hunter gathers, with rich traditions, colourful dances, and music.

Madagascar offers a multitude of options. It is widely acknowledged as being the most biologically diverse place on Earth.


The Penan

Location: Province of Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia

Having visited the Penan Tribe on numerous occasion in the early 1990’s Jason Hosh is one of the very few people who are accepted and trusted by this rare group of hunter gathers. Located deep in a once impenetrable jungle of Sarawak, The Penan of the ‘Village of Fire’ (Long Lutin) struggle to retain their autonomy. Wagering war on logging and mining companies, they fight for their rights using any and all means to protect themselves.


The Aita

Location: The Sulu Sea, Philippines

The search for the Aita, tribe one of the last indigenous Filipino tribal groups, who where displaced from them ancestral homelands around Mount Pinutubu Volcano. After its eruption in 1990 a Germany, ex-nuclear scientist, came to their aid. This story includes contact with the Batak tribes of Palawau who in the face of massive deforestation of their own land, saw it in their hearts to accommodate the Aita’s on their island. It is an incredible story, The movement of hundreds of tribal people independent of any government involvement or assistance.


Sri Lanka

The story of Newbu & Annasi- a Witch Doctor and his wife. Located in an area called Ellegawa (Ceylonese for 'shinning earth'). Sitting on top of a mountain of gems, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars they see no need for modern ways, Rejecting development they retain their tradition beliefs 'choosing' to live a simplistic, harmonious life.
Slave Labour- Gem mining and the inhuman suffering experienced by little children (8-10 years old) forced to work in primitive shaft mines in the jungle.
Focus on the pilgrimage of thousands of devotees to the sacred mountain called 'Adams Peak'. follow a devotee from his village.
Elephants on the rampage in Malay owned sugar plantations.
Tamil Tigers liberation front - jungle war and who it affects.